Temperature Controlled Transport

Our cooling system for transport has four advantages over traditional refrigeration systems:

  1. Lower diesel consumption (80-85% less energy),
  2. Lower upfront cost and ability to retrofit regular trucks,
  3. Lower maintenance cost and frequency (no refrigerant leaks),
  4. Ability to cool the driver cabin at a low additional cost.

We are focusing on three segments in this market:

  • Delivery vehicles (0.5-2 ton) such as three-wheelers and mini-trucks used for intra-city delivery by retailers and wholesalers and by app-based grocers (such as Bigbasket) for retail deliveries.
  • Small trucks (2-7 tons) used for transportation of local fruits and vegetables from rural to urban areas.
  • Trucks (5-16 tons) used to transport regional fruits and vegetables over long distances
    (for example, litchi from Bihar, apricots and plums from Himachal).