Long Term Onion Storage

Cost-effective system for long-term storage of onions to reduce wastage, stabilise prices and boost exports.

Our technology uses two energy-efficient sub-systems which aid in reducing energy consumption in onion storage units by over 80%. The dew point cooler uses 80% less energy than traditional cooling systems, and the dehumidification system is based on a novel salt-based liquid desiccant solution.

These two sub-systems are complemented by an aeration and ventilation system that ensures carbon dioxide and water vapor are removed from the storage unit. All four sub-systems are controlled by a smart IoT-based monitoring system that monitors and maintains temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels.


Cooling Dew point cooling 25-29 °C
Dehumidification Liquid desiccant dehumidification 60-65% RH
Aeration Forced side-to-side aeration Uniform conditions
Ventilation Optimal ventilation CO2 and VOC levels
Monitoring and control IoT-based monitoring and control Automated control
Physical storage Insulated multi-level structure Lowers cost